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Elton John - One Night Only

Review: 003
Date: 9 Jan 01


Rating: 1 Star

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Elton John’s new live album is a ‘greatest-hits’ package, perhaps, thus showing his lack of creativity recently.

Although the quality of the songs cannot be denied, unfortunately the quality of the performance can.

Oh, Elton, why hath thou forsaken us. “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting” used to make you want to put on your leather jacket and bump somebody over the head for looking at your date the wrong way. Now it sounds more like the theme song for some kids ’Saturday morning TV show' on a ‘goodie two shoes’ channel. Even worse is to come and the appalling version of “Your Song” which is sung in duet with a nearly asleep Ronan Keating, is the album’s absolute nadir.

No, I am afraid that if this dog wants to listen to some real Elton John, I’d rather go back thirty years to 17/11/70 for a live showing. Alternatively, for heart-rending ballads, I would go to something like ‘Tumbleweed Connection’, which has the tear jerking “Talking Old Soldier”. These are the kind of songs that help us to remember what a fine artist Elton John used to be, not this nostalgic act which almost wallows in over-sentimentality.

Only buy this if you’re a fan of Chicago or rush into elevators to listen to your favourite tunes.


Pawed by Mott The Dog
Remastered by Ella Crew


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