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Aerosmith - Rocks

Review: 005
Date: 16 Jan 01


Rating: 4 Stars

Steve Tyler - Vocals
Joe “Freakin” Perry - Guitar
Brad Whitford - Guitar
Tom Hamilto - Bass
Joey Kramer - Drums

Tracks Listing: n/a


“Aerosmith Rocks” says it all really. They’d soon crash, and hard, thanks to their own excesses. But “Rocks” captures Aerosmith at a crazily driven peak of madness and creativity. This is blues rock cranked up to 70’s stadium level, full of sass and attitude. You can almost hear the sound of the Porches several of these guys (surprisingly) remember driving. The psychic battering they would succumb to within the next 12 months is foreshadowed in the song “Combination”, but for the rest of the album, Joe Perry, Steve Tyler, and the boys celebrate the rock star mythos to the maximum. The Party-fueled tension, the Tension-fueled party.

The band is raging on “Rat’s In The Cellar”, a million-mile-an-hour rocker with a gut wrenching jam at the end. “Combination” marks Joe Perry’s debut as a lead vocalist, his singing is not that wonderful, but the guitar work is.

“Nobodys Fault” is one of two Whitford/Tyler songs on this record and is the lesser known of the two, it’s still a strong piece, but is rather over shadowed by the magnificent “Last Child” one of America’s F.M. radio staples from “Rocks” Brad Whitford shows his lead playing while less flashy than Perry’s is just as solid and perhaps cleaner.

“Sick As a Dog” finds Aerosmith at their poppiest, whilst “Get the Lead Out” is a swinging, swaggering funk / rock song. “Lick and a Promise”, say it all. Tyler and Perry living the American hardrock dream, Rock ‘n’ Roll as it is meant to sound, and what it’s mean’t to say.

That leaves two other songs. “Back in the Saddle”, one of Aerosmith's signature songs, a genuine classic. It’s main riff is powered by Perry playing a six string bass, which is why that riff sounds so low down, dirty, and evil.

The other song the closing “Home Tonight”, the obligatory ballad, isn’t a bad song, just filler material, and therefore gets “Rocks” deducted one star, but apart from this minor blemish, this is a great rocking C.D to blow away your woofers.


Pawed by Mott The Dog
Remastered by Ella Crew


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