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Deep Purple - In Rock

Review: 006
Date: 20 Jan 01


Rating: 5 Stars

Ritchie Blackmore - Lead Guitar
Jon Lord - Keyboards
Roger Glover - Bass
Ian Paice - Drums
Ian Guillan - Vocals

Tracks Listing:
1. Speed King
2. Bloodsucker
3. Child in Time
4. Flight of the Rat
5. In to the Fire
6. Living Wreck
7. Hard Lovin Man

+ 13 bonus tracks including the original single Black Night.


If you ever want to know where the word “Kerrang” came from listen to the opening of Speed King, an open chord with everything louder than everything else.

After a brief respite the band come thundering into Speed King proper and Ian Gillan’s opening lyrics give you a good idea of what’s to come. “'Good Golly!', said little Miss Molly as she was standing in the house of blue light”.

There follows six more master classes in hard rock (nothing so crass as heavy metal) where all five musicians vie for the spot light at the same time. There never has been a rhythm section in Deep Purple, everybody up front and in your face. The pinnacle of Deep Purple's music is captured like a rampaging Rhino on “Child in Time”. A beautiful entry by Jon Lord on Hammond organ soon leads to Ian Gillan showing off his amazing range of terrifying screams, until the prince of purpleness, Mr. Blackmore, is let rip to shred the stratocaster. Somehow Mr. Lord brings it back under control until the triumphant finale.

The newly released 25th Anniversary edition of Deep Purple’s “In Rock” contains thirteen bonus tracks of varying interests, but it’s the original that got this dog banging his head on the dog house roof.


Pawed by Mott The Dog
Remastered by Ella Crew


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