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Review: 008
Date: 29 Jan 01


Rating: Various Stars

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Some good Hawkwind CDs:
1. In Search Of Space
2. Hall Of The Mountain Grill
3. Electric Tepee
4. Area 54



For a band who became famous for having a voluptuous female dancer called Stacia that used to get her kit off, Hawkwind haven’t half released a lot of albums in their thirty one year career, and yes this poor mutt’s got everyone of them. They even had a hit single in 1972, when “Silver Machine” reached No 3 in Britain and they all stood motionless on Top of the Pops.

The line up to Hawkwind has been so unstable that sometimes, the line-up on the front of the cover of an album is different to the one on the back, because somebody left, or joined, or split in two, or combusted.

The list of musicians is endless, but to mention some of the more incredible are Ian Kiliminster (Lemmy of Motorhead to you guvnor) Bob Calvert, Hyw Lloyd Langton, Dave Brock, Nik Turner, Simon House, Harvey Bainbridge, Dik Mik, (who was in the band for two whole years before the others realized he wasn’t a musician) and unbelievably Ginger Baker, who must of woken up wondering what happened to Eric and Jack.

Through all the turmoil of changes they just kept on going, making Spinal Tap look serious, creating their own genre of music called (roll of drums) “Space Rock”, all the time making bands like Pink Floyd seem very straight. 31 years after the first Hawkwind gig they are still going today, I can’t tell you what the line up is as it will have changed in the last half an hour, but it doesn’t matter, as Dave the Dog said if you can’t headbang all the way through the 11 minutes and 32 seconds of Brainstorm, then your ready for a collar and lead.

If you want to see what I mean about Stacia, get the double C.D. Space Ritual, I don’t know about Space Rock, but definitely Space.


Pawed by Mott The Dog
Remastered by Ella Crew


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