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King Crimson – Cirkus
The young person’s guide to King Crimson Live

Review: 009
Date: 6 Feb 01


Rating: 5 Stars

Musicians: n/a

Track Listing CD One
1. Dinosaur 
2. Thela Hun Ginjeet 
3. Red 
4. B’Boom 
5. Thrak 
6. 1 ii 2 
7. Neurotica 
8. Indiscipline 

Track Listing CD Two
1. 21st Century Schizoid Man
2. Ladies Of The Road
3. A Man A City
4. In The Court Of The Crimson
5. Fracture
6. Easy Money
7. Improv: Besancon
8. The Talking Drum



For those of you that need an introduction to the world of King Crimson, here is a perfect place to start. For those of you familiar with Robert Fripp and his many assorted cohorts, this has everything you could possibly want from the live beast that is King Crimson. The years from 1969-1996 are covered, spread over 8 different line-ups, all seamlessly put together to sound like one 2 ˝ hour concert.

One of progressive rock’s founding bands, King Crimson pioneered the use of extended song format with many instruments not often used in the standard rock format, mellotron, violin, clarinet, oboe, bass stick, touch guitar, etc. King Crimson said it was alright to create music that didn’t have an instantly hummable melody. This made them sometimes difficult to listen to, but a little patience will reveal many musical pleasures.

The great thing about listening to King Crimson live is that they strike a perfect balance between tightly written well-structured songs and improvisational looseness. It is a marriage made in heaven, introducing an element of danger that is a true test of musicianship.

Every King Crimson classic is here, but the closing of disc two with the absurdly titled “Larks Tongue In Aspic” (part two, naturally) by the 1996 Double Trio King Crimson, of Robert Fripp, Adrian Below, Trey Gunn, Tony Levon, Pat Mastelotto & Bill Bruford, followed by “Starless” from 1974 with John Wetton, David Cross, plus the ever present Robert Fripp & Bill Bruford is simply Jaw Dropping.

It all comes in a nice little 2 C.D Digi-Pak with informative liner notes and a brightly coloured booklet with a full Crimson family tree, and lots of pictures to look at, of all the different line ups over the years. Give the dog a bone, what more could you want.


Pawed by Mott The Dog
Remastered by Ella Crew


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