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Grey Lady Down - The Crime

Review: 018
Date: 2 Apr 01


Rating: 5 Stars

The Criminals who committed this Crime are:
Louis David - with more keyboards than he possibly needed
Julian Hunt - mandolin, banjo, and other six string weapons
Martin Wilson - orders
Sean Spear - sawn-off sledge hammer
Mark Robothan - hitting things (anythings)

The Charges:
1. 12.02
2. All Join Hands
3. Thrill Of It All
4. The Crime (part one) The Ballad
    Of Billy Grey
5. Circus Of Thieves
6. Annabel
7. The Crime (part two) The Fugitive


What is progressive rock? Well it’s when you grow up and stop worrying about what the band looks like, and start listening to the music.

My British Bulldog friends “Grey Lady Down” are a fine example with their Neo-progressive sound. They strive for a more direct aggressive and some would say accessible sound than some of their contemporaries. Lots of loud guitars and keyboards in a musical structure that contains many long instrumental passages.

The opening railway announcements are followed by lead vocalist Martin Wilson calling you “All Aboard for the 12.02”, a rollocking ditty about taking the last train home, then waking up the next day and trying to remember what happened. Ring any bells anybody?

The song “The Crime” is split up into two sections, just as well really other wise it would be over 25 minutes long. The second of which brings the music to its dramatic conclusion.

All the way through “The Crime” the drums and bass guitar, are as solid as British steel, being twice as heavy as some of the newer heavy metal bands.

During the song “Annabel”, where the band actually sound happy, Jules Hunt “Grey Lady Down's", lead guitarist is allowed to slip the leash and really go for the top which he screams past leaving you is no doubt as to the musical prowess of this band.

“The Crime” by Grey Lady Down was released in 1994 on the “Cyclops” record label, who have since released another 4 “Grey Lady Down” C.D’s including the magnificent double live C.D “The Time of Our Lives” (with all 3 parts of the Crime put together to ride out to 40 minutes).

 Cyclops have also released over 100 C.D’s by contemporary progressive rock bands, if you wish to know more about this exceedingly good music, look up the Cyclops website at


Pawed by Mott The Dog
Remastered by Ella Crew


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