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Hawkwind - Alien 4

Review: 021
Date: 23 Apr 01


Rating: 4 Exploding               Stars

Dave Brock - Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards, Synths, FX.
Alan Davey - Bass Guitar, Vocals, Synths, Wave sequencing, FX.
Richard Chadwick - Drums, Percussion.
Ron Tree - Vocals.

Tracks Listing:
1. Abducted
2. Alein (I am)
3. Reject Your Human Touch
4. Blue Skin
5. Beam Me Up
6. Vega
7. Xenomorph
8. Journey
9. Sputnik Stan
10. Kapal
11. Festivals
12. Death Trap
13. Wastelands
14. Are You Losing Your Mind?


As ever original space rockers Hawkwind go where nobody has gone before, not because of any particular enterprise, but perhaps because they don’t care if everybody else just thinks they are off their collective rockers.

This is a science fiction concept album in support of the oppressed people of the planet earth, does this sound a little pretentious to you, well it is, but I’m sure that the boys have got their collective hearts in the right place.

The music starts off with the arrival of the flying saucer to abduct our hero away, to find out why the human race are so bent on self discruction. This of course makes total confusion amongst the aliens, leading us into a wonderous journey through the music of Hawkwind. As the earthling attempts to return to earth without blowing every bodies minds, what a journey it is, after the rejection of all things alien we are whisked into Blue Skin territory where the multiple layers of vocals, synths, keyboards, and wave sequencers, sooth our worried brows before being propelled forward for more adventures, including the hilarity of a song called “Beam Me Up” (surely this is self explanatory), and a meeting with the urban space dustbin man “Sputnik Stan” (well presumably it’s a job that somebody will have to do in the future, good tips in space at Christmas I hope) we’re finally bought back to a festival where the first band on the stage are Hawkwind, so the album finishes with the first 3 songs of Hawkwinds live set from 1996 leaving you with the final song “Are You Losing Your Mind” which couldn’t be more apt, and has brought you full circle.

Confused yet? You should be if your not, you’ve obviously lost the plot and picked it up at the wrong spot.

This was a magnificent return to form by Hawkwind, and is the first studio album to feature Ron Tree on vocals and in true Hawkwind fashion he virtual takes over, dominating most of the songs, before being fired by Captain Dave Brock the following year. Oh well such is the life of a Hawklord. Bring back Nik Turner I say.

If you want to go into cosmic interstellar overdrive and your never sure whether to wag your tail or your head them this is the album for you.


Pawed by Mott The Dog
Remastered by Ella Crew


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