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Nazareth - Razamanaz

Review: 025
Date: 22 May 01


Rating: 5 Rockin'               Stars

Dan McCafferty - Lead Growls
Manny Charlton - Lead Hawls
Pete Agnew - Low Woofs
Darrell Sweet - Sharp Barks

Tracks Listing:
1. Razamanaz
2. Alcatraz
3. Vigilante Man
4. Woke Up This Morning
5. Night Woman
6. Bad, Bad Boy
7. Sold My Soul
8. Too Bad Too Sad
9. Broken Down Angel
10. Hard Living
11. Spinning Top
12. Woke Up This Morning (aternate version)
13. Witchdoctor Woman


The title of this album says it all really, just say the word “Razamanaz” and you know it’s time to party. With the release of this album, Nazareth had one of the most unusual albums to roar up the charts in 1973, not unusual in musical content, as it is a straight ahead, smack between the eyes Rock ‘n’ Roll album, but in the company it kept at the upper reaches of the charts, considering this was the time of either Glam-rock (Sweet, Slade, T-rex etc) or highly avant-garde progressive rock (Yes, E.L.P., Jethro Tull) so to see a bunch of geezers from the heart of Glasgow, Scotland up against them caused many a backward glance, but shoot up the charts it did, attaining a high of No. 11 in the British charts. No mean feat for a band that had previously only released 2 albums, both recorded and promoted on small budgets, being honest, neither of them were truly representative of their wild stage act, mostly filled with ballads, where as this little baby is choc-a-block full of rockers. The Razamanaz album was a turning point in changing the fortunes of these Scottish rascals for the better.

The basis of any good rock band is a solid rhythm section, these positions were filled by one of the nicest guys in Rock ‘n’ Roll the aptly named Darrel Sweet on Drums, with the flamboyant and must have in your stage line up, Pete Agnew on Bass. If that was the engine room, then the decorations were laid on thick by Manny Charlton, Lead Guitar. (Who’s catch phrase must have been “If you’ve got it flaunt it” as sprayed all over the songs, is wah-wah, fuzz box, feed back, and loads of slide guitar). Out front was graval voiced vocalist Dan McCafferty, who must of gargled with broken bottles every day to keep the chords in such rough shod order.

The production work of Roger Glover the bassist from Deep Purple should not be overlooked as he encouraged the band to go for the throat and enjoy themselves, which they certainly did, having not only a hit album, but 2 top ten singles in “Broken Down Angel” and the wonderfully politically incorrect “Bad Bad Boy” with it’s boisterous lyrics of “She was the apple of her daddies eye, but when that woman looked up at me, and I said honey we’ll be together till the day I die…………. Well I Lied!”. Mind you on the following song “Sold My Soul” Dan McCafferty sounds as if he’s singing from the bowls of Hades itself, so perhaps what goes around comes around.

Nazareth built their reputation as an all action party band, and this studio album was a great representation of the live animal, over the next 3 decades the influence of Nazareth can often be heard especially in bands like “AC/DC” and “Guns and Roses”. So if you want to hear the original, get out and get yourself Razamanazed.


Pawed by Mott The Dog
Remastered by Ella Crew


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