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flow – seeds

Review: 033
Date: 16 Jul 01


Rating: 5 Stars

Rick Montembeault – lead vocals and guitar
Rol aka Breez – lead guitar and vocals
Peter Fleischhacker – bass guitar and vocals
Mitr Witchitwatee – drums and percussion

Tracks Listing:
Being In The Flow 
N.Y.City Dilemma 
I Don’t Want To Wait Anymore 
Born Too Late 
Outside Looking In 
The Hardest Thing 
Don’t Got You 
Like A Gun 
You Are The One 
Writing On The Wall 
I Won’t Be Around


Although only drummer Mit Witchitwatee is actually Thai by nationality, “flow” (that is the correct way to spell it, all in the small vernacular) were formed in Thailand and have certainly captured the Thai spirit. In their first self produced full length C.D. they have produced a bunch of brilliantly performed songs whilst being fun and likeable.

The other 3 quarters of “flow” are talented vocalist Rick Montembeault, whose uniquely expressive vocals carry you from song to song driving the chorus’s into your head, whilst being one of the few vocalists in modern rock that actually bothers to sing the songs so you can actually understand what the song is about. A welcome relief in this day of “Kid Rock” and such forth.

The other two are twins Peter and Roland (Breez to his friends) Fleischhacker. Peter on bass forms with Mit a very solid rhythm section which gives the whole album a groove that runs through it, dragging you toe tapping along from song to song.

But star of the show is the man Breez on lead guitar. Opening song “Being In The Flow” has a pleasant funky beginning driven along by a punchy bass line and Rick’s vocals. However, as soon as the chorus comes along and Breez’s lead guitar kicks in you know you are listening to a C.D. that’s just a little bit special. Then, when the guitar solo rips your head off leaving you for dead, the action starts to cook.

Of the 12 songs of this collection of Seeds (that are sure to grow on you!) there is plenty of variety from the lonesome Ballard of “The Hardest Thing” to the impossibly fast garage punk of “Like A Gun” with the totally over the top lyrics of 

“My barrel’s fully loaded my hammers fully cocked,
the last time I exploded somebody’s world was rocked,
it looks like I’m on safety, when I go off you’ll be shocked,
I’m like a gun and I go bang”.

This marvelous C.D. was recorded by “flow” at Heaven Records and Doux Studios Bangkok with all the songs written by Rick Montembeault. It is presently available at Tower Records (soon to become the Warehouse Company). This is the sort of music that should be played all over Thailand in the Rock ‘n’ Roll bars. This week Thailand, next week the world.

Mott the Dog wishes “flow” all the best in their travels.

For those of you who would like to know more about “flow”, where and when they are gigging in your area, please look up their website at


Pawed by Mott The Dog
Remastered by Ella Crew


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