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Grey Lady Down – Star-Crossed

Review: 036
Date: 6 Aug 01


Rating: 5 Stars

Sean Spear - Bass
Martin Wilson - Vocals
Mark Westworth - Synthesizers, 12-string, Mellotron
Julian Hunt - Guitars
Phill Millichamp - Drums

Tracks Listing:
1. Fading Faith
2. Shattered
3. As The Brakes Fail
4. Fallen
5. New Age Tyranny
6. Sands Of Time
7. Truth
8. Crossfire


In 1998 the fabulous Grey Lady Down, released a post humous double live album (The time of our lives) and split up, to all lovers of progressive rock, the live album was a delight, whilst the news of the split was a serious disaster.

Fortunately sense was seen, after a chance meeting in the pub between original guitarist Julian Hunt and final keyboard wizard Mark Westworth, it was decided to put the old girl back together again, vocalist Martin Wilson and bassist Sean Spear quickly jumped back on board, a new drummer recruited in Phill Millichamp, and the Grey Lady was up and running.

After a year gigging all over Europe they descended into the studio returning with the finest progressive rock album of this millennium. The album is so perfect even the spaces between songs seems to be judged to perfection.

All of the songs here are excellent, featuring plenty of great soloing from keyboards and guitar, plus the heaviest rhythm section, thumping every note into your foundations.

“Fading Faith” opens the album with some rippling piano, and then the band thunders in, before leaving way for Martin Wilson’s lyrics. Martin has always been a distinctive vocalist (singers always seem more involved when they actually write the words) but since the release of Grey Lady Down’s last studio C.D “Fear” in 1997 Martin’s vocals have certainly taken on an extra presence, surely making him the premier vocalist in todays progressive rock scene.

“Fallen” the central song lasting nearly fourteen wonderful minutes is a classic example of all that’s good in progressive rock, good story line, dramatic crescendo’s, with an exciting dynamic conclusion. 

12 – String acoustic guitars begin and are evident through out “Sands of Time” which in an abbreviated version would make a superb single, this is a charming song, enhanced by some flute work by Hughie McMillan.

But always keeping the best till last, comes album “Tour De Force” “Cross Fire” this one rocks, and will be perfect for packed arena’s as they blaze a trail across the sky, definitely the best and heaviest progressive metal laid down this side of early Deep Purple. Then when you thought it just couldn’t get any better, guest guitarist Bernie Marsden (yes, he of Whitesnake fame) screams forth and leaves a skull crushing solo to finish the song.

Make sure you buy this album at your earliest opportunity, and don’t miss Grey Lady Down on their forth coming world tour, jump on the ship before everybody else does. If you want to know more about Grey Lady Down look up their website at


Pawed by Mott The Dog
Remastered by Ella Crew


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