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Jimi Hendrix Experience
Are you Experienced

Review: 046
Date: 15 Oct 01


Rating: 5 Stars

Jimi Hendrix - Guitar
Noel Redding - Bass
Mitch Mitchel - Drums
Hendrix didn’t need anybody else

Tracks Listing:
1. Foxy Lady
2. Manic Depression
3. Red House
4. Can You See Me
5. Love Or Confusion
6. I Don’t Live Today
7. Many This Be Love
8. Fire
9. Third Stone From The Sun
10. Remember
11. Are You Experienced?


When Chas Chandler (at the time bass player with the Animals) invited guitar slinger for hire Jimi Hendrix over to London to try his hand as a solo artist, nobody knew the reverberations this would send richocheting round the Rock ‘n’ Roll Universe.

Signing up Mitch Mitchel, a talented Jazz drummer, and Noel Redding an aspiring lead guitarist persuaded to play bass by Chandler, they were ready to shred wallpaper from 100 yards. Their impact was immediate and devastating. Peter Townshend of the Who nearly quit the music industry, Eric Clapton gave up guitar solo’s for years almost becoming a recluse, such was the feeling of inadequacy amongst Hendrix’s fellow musicians. Why Hendrix bothered with lighter fuel to set his guitar alight when all he had to do was look at it to make it burst into flame. Hendrix turned everything upside down including his guitar.

After warning the world of what was afoot with an earth shattering performance on the B.B.C.’s Lulu show, Jimi Hendrix announced himself to the recording world with a cover of “Hey Joe” which shot to number 4 in the singles charts in February 67. After signing with the Who’s Track records, Hendrix suddenly started writing the most incredibly sonic songs as if snatching them out the sky, “Hey Joe” was quickly followed by the self penned “Purple Haze” (played at every single Hendrix concert up till his untimely death) and “The Wind Cries May” both monster smash hits.

Then came the most influential debut album of all time, every track is a blast of supersonic histrionics, mostly done in one take, the music is a revelation to your ears (Hendrix himself was a revelation to the eyes). “Are You Experienced” was only kept off the number one spot in the States and Britain by “The Beatles” with “Sergeant Pepper”

It’s not heavy rock, it’s not blues it’s the Jimi Hendrix Experience. The only thing that unifies all the songs together is their uniqueness and twenty seconds century guitar playing.

“Foxy Lady” is this Dog’s favorite, which Jimi explained by saying, “I get my songs from everyday things, and girls, girls can misunderstand you so much, they really can. But it’s nice to have them around” and while cats were looking for meaning to the song “Fire” the bass players mother explained, “Jimi asked me if he could stand next to the fire”, and from this genius was born, “Third Stone From The Sun” came from his addiction to the T.V series Star Trek, not some extra terrestrial visit.

The music though just never lets up with Mitch’s hi-hat taps and cymbal rides vying with Noel’s rapidly rotating bass lines, whilst all the time Jimi scatters sonic angel dust all over the strings.

Motts only growl about the whole album is Hendrix’s stunning take on the blues in “Red House” it is not long enough at just over three minutes to get into, try the Stella live version clocking in at over 12 minutes from the live, “Hendrix In The West” to have your jaw dropping to the floor.

Although his star was to burn a short and bright trail “Are You Experienced” is only the beginning. An essential addition to any serious music collection.

“Excuse Me While I Kiss The Sky”


Pawed by Mott The Dog
Remastered by Ella Crew


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