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Alice Cooper - Killer

Review: 047
Date: 22 Oct 01


Rating: 4 Stars

Alice Cooper - Vocals
Glen Buyton - Guitar
Michael Bruce - Guitar
Dennis Dunoway - Bass
Neal Smith - Drums

Tracks Listing:
1. Under My Wheels
2. Be My Lover
3. Halo Of Flies
4. Desperado
5. You Drive Me Nervous
6. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
7. Dead Babies
8. Killer


This is the last album that Alice Cooper made before he sold his soul for Rock ‘n’ Roll and Teeny bopper superstardom with “Schools Out” in 1972. Later on, of course, he had to pay the reaper, give up his high flying Rock ‘n’ Roll life style, put the demon alcohol behind him and take up golf. However, that’s another avenue we can descend down on another trip.

The opening volley, “Under My Wheels”, comes ripping out of your music maker with its machine gun guitar intro and barking vocals. Alice is straining at the leash right from the off.

Second number up is “Be My Lover” with the opening lyrics of “She struts into the room, and I don’t know her, but with a magnifying glass I just thought I’d look her over”. Very P.C. Alice!

The music takes a dramatic upward spiral with the exquisite “Halo of Flies”. This twists and turns as the plot unfolds leaving you in little doubt that the young man, formally known as Vincent Furnier, has indeed been taken over by a 17th century witch called Alice Cooper and clearly gone completely off his rocker.

The productions of Bob Ezrin were essential to the band at this time, keeping it clean and tight; but not losing any of the sweat and sleaze.

Alice then drools all over you on “Desperado”. This is followed by two up-tempo, stonesy-keefed-up songs that drag you into the pit of Alice’s world. Never has there been such a sinister piece of music written like “Dead Babies”. The repetitive bass lines grab you full frontal and batter their way into your head. The demented glee with which Alice rants the lines lets you know that these are indeed very sick beings. With the outrage that pours out at the end of this you feel that it is very justifiable. Justice is done in the album’s final dirge with the gloom ridden gothic rock of the title track with its wailing lost souls and final guillotine chop as Alice is sucked down to hell in a bucket.

By taking Killer out on the road Alice Cooper became a rock phenomenon. It was one of the most provocative and original live shows in the annals of rock music and has never been equaled. It sets the standards for humour, debauchery, horror and flamboyant showmanship. Concert theatrics included cuddling a boa constrictor, throwing live chickens into the audience, and simulated executions of hanging by the gallows. With the music from Killer Alice had the means to blow everybody else away, spot lighting the shock rock that has made Alice Cooper one of the most influential acts in rock history.

“We are not worthy.” The Alice Cooper band were..


Pawed by Mott The Dog
Remastered by Ella Crew


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