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The Damned
Grave Disorder

Review: 065
Date: 4 Mar 02


Rating: 4 Stars

David Vanian - Vocals
Captain Sensible - Guitar
Pinch - Tub Thumper
Oxy Moron - Key Boards
Patricia Morrison - Bass

Tracks Listing:
1. Democracy?
3. Thrill Kill
4. She
5. Lookin For Action
6. Would You Be So Hot
7. Absinthe
8. Amen
9. Neverland
10. The End Of Time
11. Obscene
12. W
13. Beauty Of The Beast


The Damned, now left behind as one of the Grandfathers of punk rock, come out of the wood work and prove that they can still show the new boys on the block a trick or two.

The Damned have always been at the fun end of punk rock, never giving a marbles for what other people think. Probably why now, with all members in their forties, they keep on rocking away unconcerned about their previous youth only policy. Even the first punks “The Who” had to change their most famous line from “I hope I die before I get old” to “I hope I die before I feel old”.

The world would be a much grimmer place without the mad panto punk of The Damned. This dog still has very fond memories of The Damned supporting Marc Bolan & T. Rex, and watching a smashed out of his mind Captain Sensible pouncing about the Newcastle City hall stage in a bright turquoise dress whilst shredding the song “New Rose” with his guitar at full volume. It’s these kinds of memories that stay with you for life.

And it’s precisely that spirit of the absurd that is captured here on The Damned’s fine new collection of up tempo raucous anthems, ironically released on Dexter Hollands very own label. (The fact being that Dexter’s band Offspring covered The Damned’s brilliant “Smash It Up” some years back).

So, what you have here is 13 fabulous cuts all featuring what you would expect from The Damned, speed, melody, aggression, attitude by the bucket load, a belly full of laughs. We mustn’t forget David Vanian’s preoccupation with all things about B movie horror, gothic and ghoulish, although all with tongue firmly planted in the side of his cheek. As a good sample of this check out his evil crooning on the spine chilling song “Thrill Kill”.

The Damned have always been the sort of boys who would enjoy Pattaya, so I think it would be only fair if Pattaya enjoyed The Damned. But don’t take them to be a nostalgia act especially within their ear shot or you could end up hurt or at least at the end of one of Captain Sensible’s cunning little pranks.

So better break out the Tequilas and Snake Bites because The Damned are back. “Grave Disorder” is definitely Neat Neat Neat.


Pawed by Mott The Dog
Remastered by Ella Crew


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