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Tracie Hunter - may be

Review: 156
Date: 28 Nov 03


Rating: 5 Stars

Tracie Hunter - Vocals
Neil Gabbitas - Guitar
Mel Gabbitas - Bass
Steve Washington - Drums
Darren Oldale - Bv's

Tracks Listing:
Lost Inside You


Now this is Rock 'n' Roll. Tracie Hunter has put together a Band so fresh and potent, the sound fair crackles with excitement. As only a three track disc, it probably will not come near the top of Mott's albums of the year. I guess you can think of it as what we used to call an E.P. before, and it faces some overwhelming competition from Led Zeppelin with their three disc "How the West Was Won".

None the less, Tracie Hunter has let the world know that Rock 'n' Roll is back with the release of this taster to the album (Race) that will follow hopefully in the early stages of next year, and with Hard Rock music making a big comeback through the likes of 'The Darkness' and a rekindled 'Iron Maiden',Tracie should ascend to be the new lady of Rock 'n' Roll.



Rock 'n' Roll obviously runs in the genes and black jeans of the Hunter family as Tracie Hunter is the daughter of the excellent Ian Hunter. Like her father, Tracie not only sings the songs but writes them, too. Another similarity that has been handed down is the ability to pick gifted sidemen to play in the band on this record (Ian Hunter has played with the impeccable Mick Ralphs, the loveable rogue Ariel Bender, and the late lamented Mick Ronson).

The band playing with Tracie is as tight as the England Rugby team’s front three. On lead guitar you have Neil Gabbitas, who also shares writing credits with Tracie on all three songs. He has a very unique guitar sound, very gritty and Rock 'n' Roll, which gives the rockers a real edge, whilst his strong playing does not allow the one ballad to become slushy. In the rhythm section there is Neil's brother Mel on bass, who also takes on production responsibilities, and gives his brother full support with some melodic bass work. Then behind the bins is Steve Washington, who comes from the Keith Moon school of drummers (pun intended), driving each song along, filling out every inch of sound. Steve is obviously the sort of drummer who wants to be heard. Since these songs were recorded, the very talented Matt Pearce, on guitar and BV's, has been added to the lineup.

But then in front of this lot is singing star Tracie Hunter. Pure Rock 'n' Roll is soaked all the way through her voice. Listening to any of these three songs, by the half way point you cannot help but sing along, such is their catchiness. This girl is a serious talent. The nearest I can come in comparison is a young Elkie Brooks from her Vinegar Joe days or Harpic Bryant. These are not twee bits of music for pre-teens, this is the business end of Rock 'n' Roll. This band must be scorching live. The reviews on the band’s website at give every indication I'm right.

Opening up with title track Maybe, Neil Gabbitas' guitar peels off a few licks before Tracie Hunter's voice comes in over the top. The sheer emotion and energy that comes with her voice, grabs you by the ears and drags you along. This is hard rock music that should be played in your car or at Tahitian Queen's famous Rock 'n' Roll happy hour on Pattaya Beach. To add to the songs riches, Neil Gabbitas nails two screaming guitar solos to add to the excitement. The rest of the band keeps the Rock 'n' Roll at "11''.

Mercury is another rocker, a little heavier, but taken at a slightly slower pace, with a vocal -guitar refrain to bring the song to a climax, which is to die for. Music made for heaven.

Finally we get Lost Inside You. The band switches over to their acoustic gear and allow Tracie to show off her softer side. It's the sort of song that will have them cuddling in the aisles when the band step up to the spotlight and start playing stadiums.

If you have never heard of Tracie Hunter before, remember you heard it first in Mott's column. A big thank you to Colin Powell for bringing it to my attention. 2004 will be the year of Tracie Hunter. I personally cannot wait for a full album’s worth of songs. My only complaint about the album is - no picture of Tracie on the cover, as she is one very hot lady. I bet Dad’s proud, too.


Pawed by Mott The Dog
Remastered by Ella Crew


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